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My body was feeling really tight and sore from working long hours. I decided to look into going to a stretch session to see if that would help relax my muscles and relieve the soreness I was having. I did some research which led me to Joanna, and I reached out to her to set up a one on one FST session. That turned out to be a great idea! She worked diligently with me throughout the session, taught me the Core 4 series, and even sent me a video that I could watch on my own at home. Joanna did a great job with me and I can tell she is very passionate about what she does which is always a plus. I would recommend not only the FST and Core 4 session, but Joanna in particular because she is a great coach and she helped me get the results I was looking for. Thanks again Joanna ?

Jamon Stanton

I  was experiencing a lot of pain in my hips and foot and decided to look for alternative treatments. This led me to Joanna at Stretch for Strength and I would highly recommend her services. Joanna is very professional and always asks a lot of questions to make sure she was targeting the areas I needed. Over time the stretching improved my flexibility and released a lot of tension in my hips and body in general. I enjoy being active and lifting weights and receiving treatments from Joanna has helped me to continue with those activities. Thank you Joanna!

Sean Igleski

Business Owner

I work on a computer all day and weightlift 5-6 days a week. The combination of the two left me feeling tight in both my hips and shoulders, something that deep tissue massage didn’t help, but thankfully I found Joanna! With her fascial stretching, my flexibilty improved quickly and it’s been so beneficial that I’ve made it part of my weekly routine. Joanna is very focused during each stretch on both what she is targeting and to how I am responding. Even though she is already a Level 3 therapist, she is constantly learning new methods and perfecting her technique. I look forward to every session and would highly recommend Joanna!

Mika Casey

Chief Executive Officer

Joanna is an excellent fascial stretch therapist and has helped me immensely with alleviating my lower back pain. I have suffered from this back pain for the past four years due to myself having extremely tight hip and lower back muscles. Whenever Joanna works on me, my muscles always feel loser, and she dissipates pressure from my lower back. I always feel better when I see her and will continue to see her; Joanna is the only fascial stretch therapist I trust!

Nikki Duplissa


I started seeing Joanna at Stretch for Strength about 2 years ago due to lower back pain and overall stiffness. I have two young kids and I am an avid golfer, so having these issues were creating problems playing with my kids and golfing at the level I am used to. I couldn’t believe the difference after just one session with her. I not only felt virtually pain free but I gained about 10 yards of the tee with my increase in flexibility. I see Joanna once every two weeks and I can honestly say I am completely pain free and still golfing as much as I want. I can’t recommend her enough especially for you golfers and dads out there.

Jeff Vermilyea

Sales Representative

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I came to Joanna because I was having sciatica pain down my lower back and down my leg. I couldn’t sleep and I was miserable. Joanna targeted my problem areas and I instantly felt a pain release. She revitalized my body and I can’t thank her enough. She knows her stuff and was genuinely interested in my health and well-being. I highly recommend her!

Lexi Liebig


Joanna has worked on me a few times now, and each time has been EXACTLY what I was looking for. Going into the sessions I was always very stiff/immobile, and leaving the sessions I always felt much looser and more comfortable. Her knowledge of the body helps make you feel comfortable as she is moving you through the session. Being a bigger guy, Joanna had no issues manipulating my limbs as needed to find the best stretch. Highly recommend her services, I will be going back soon!

Andrew Woolfe

CrossFit Gym Owner

Joanna clearly knows what she is doing. I’ve had discomfort from hip injuries and the stretching really helped. I highly recommend Joanna for this work. Well worth it. Thank you, Joanna.

Eric H

Joanna has done an excellent job relieving pain in my shoulders neck and hips since I recently had a stroke.  I would recommend her to everyone she does an excellent job.  I had Physical therapy at another business for 2 months and it did not help at all.  Joanna had success in relieving my pain in the first visit,  I am very thankful we found her, Thank You Joanna

Ray Moore

Being a lady “of a certain age” with several old injuries/surgeries I was thrilled with my first stretching session! Slept without hip pain for the first time in a long while!! Mobility and flexibility become increasingly important and stretch for strength will be an integral part of that for me for sure!! Thanks!

Stacy Lester

Not only does Joanna provide a great service, but also she is a subject matter expert. She educated me on what she was doing and how it would help me become a better overall athlete. The Fascial Stretch Therapy she performed on me was superb! My body fell in love from the beginning to the very end. After Joanna was finished, I immediately knew something was different from when I first laid on the stretch table because my body felt like a well-oiled tin man! She thoroughly worked out all of the squeaks and stiffness. These results are what makes her unique. She knows how to tailor each session based on the client she is working with. She is an awesome professional that has a passion for her craft! I will definitely see her again! FYI, Joanna is very strong!

Robert Thomas

Gumby and Shakira’s love child….that’s what I feel like today. Honestly…this stretch session was absolutely magical! We all know that deep stretch feeling and how it just feels…right?!? Imagine that feeling for an hour straight! Trust me, you NEED to make an appointment asap…TREAT YO SELF!

Rick Majors

Sales Manager

I am skeptical of most new, unfamiliar physiotherapies but after going to Joanna The Stretch Coach I can honestly say this is a legitimate practice.

Joanna was very professional and knowledgeable. She made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions.

For my introductory session, I had her exclusively work on my shoulder. On my own, I could have never gotten the extensive stretching/positioning that she provided. I responded well to her slow, methodical approach. At the end of the session, I could really feel the difference. I will definitely be going back…and I recommend you do the same.

Steve Hensley

I highly recommend Stretch-for-Strength. Joanna is very knowledgeable in Dynamic Fascial Stretching and has a natural feel for this type of bodywork. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 23 Years and a marathon runner for the last 20. I have been doing stretch sessions with Joanna for the last 7 months.  She has assisted me to increase my flexibility so I can continue with my career, and she has gotten my running to a new stronger level!!  Thank You, Joanna!!

Dan Klausner

Massage Therapist

My wife made an appointment for me as I have been complaining about sore and stiff hips and lower back. I wasn’t familiar with fascial stretch therapy. After an hour session, I felt like this technique is exactly what I needed. And Joanna is like a black belt in what seemed like the jiu-jitsu of stretching


My stretching session Joanna was a totally new experience for me. The fascial stretching technique (on a massage table) Joanna uses left me much more flexible and provided immediate relief from general aches and pains caused by exercise and muscle tightness. I walked out feeling lighter on my toes than I ever remember. There was no pain or discomfort in the stretches. It was also as good or better than a great deep-tissue massage. All in all, I loved the experience and would go back weekly if I lived in the area. Joanna knows what she’s doing. I highly recommend this for people who have muscle aches and pains, posture issues, mobility issues, or general inflexibility. Joanna is wonderful.

Christian Berger

I went in without really knowing what to expect.   Joanna was great and she explained exactly what we were going to do and why.  She was very informative and explained what each stretch did.   The best part was that she followed up with me the next day by text to see how I was doing.

Eric J.